The Characters


NOTE: This Page is in the Process of Being Worked on… will soon have a little more about the characters in the series.

Ren Marie (Ally/Aryn)
Ren Marie

I met this talented actress while a theater student at Towson. I was a stage hand on a show called ‘Tango Palace’ and she was one of two main actors in said play (pictured to the left). In this piece she played an eccentric clown-like-character. Right away I was impressed with her talent and as soon as I wrote Ally and her alternate, Aryn, I imagined her in the role. With my luck, she said yes.

Casey Beghtol (Franchesca)
Casey Beghtol


Casey was originally set to have a non-speaking role in Fairy Dust episode one, but when unexpected circumstances left Franchesca in a place to be replaced, I didn’t hesitate to ask Casey. Casey is not an actress, but was a music major at Towson University. However, that’s not even where I first encountered her. We met at the mall in Anne Arundel County where we both worked. Casey is one of those awesome co-workers with an amazingly positive energy and I had faith that it’s that energy that would shine through to Franchesca.

Tony Cacciola (Paul/Phillip)
Tony Cacciola

I met this guy in my Film 1 production class. A year later, he too joined the LKT. Tony is both a writer and filmaker, but has done some acting in the past. To me he really has a personality that fits with the needs of the character of Paul/Phillip and I’m excited to see him take on the role.


Claire Fremuth (Milicent/Queen Marisol)
Claire Fremuth
(Milicent/Queen Marisol)

Claire Fremuth is actually a mad scientist who likes to hang out in the Theatre Department for some reason. My first encounter with this Claire was, again, in a play. I was the stage manager and she was one of the performers. Soon after I asked her to do voicework for a project I was working on. Next thing I knew, we were friends. She’s also a part of my LKT family.

Tom Byrne
Tom Byrne

Tom is an actor I worked with on a project called ‘The Memo’ with Single Carrot Theater. He was brilliantly funny and had a great energy about him. When I started writing “Historian”/”Horace”, I didn’t have anyone in mind. Then I thought of Tom and hoped he would be up for an independent project. He agreed and I couldn’t have been happier.

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