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Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. – the Oxford Dictionary


NOTE: This Page is in the Process of Being Worked on…..there’s members of the team that will be added soon.


Dawn Kelley
Dawn Kelley

Dawn Kelley has always loved to write. For a long time she forgot that and she actually went back to college to find writing again and wasn’t particularly focused on a degree…then a theatre degree happened. Through being a part of the backstage theatrical team she learned the great joy of collaborative projects and how much she enjoyed being on the organizational end of a team in addition to writing.


Co-Creator/Lead Designer


Kat Brenowitz
Kat Brenowitz

Dawn met Kat while location scouting for a short film she was producing for a friend. The moment she saw Kat’s art, she said to herself ‘I want to work with her’. Kat is the author of her own web-comic, ‘Delivery’, and a freelance illustrator. If Kat hadn’t said yes to coming on as the Lead Designer on the project, it would not have moved forward in any state. She, literally, re-invented the world in a million wonderful ways.


The DP & The Director


Josh and Jes Goodyear
Josh and Jes Goodyear

Jes and Josh are, together, the Liquid Squid Productions team. Dawn met Jes while attending Towson University in a writing class. Since graduating, Jes has been working in the field. Her professional videography career led her to a partnership with Chris Hartlove and a bulk of her work can be seen on the Hartlove/Goodyear vimeo page. Luckily, Jes has an equally talented husband, Josh. When you’re in a room with Josh, you can feel his passion for the work. Both of them are thrilled to be creative contributors to the project in their separate roles and I am happy to have them onboard.


Special Props Designer

Bianca Hamp

Bianca Hamp is a graduate of William and Mary college where she was an active member of the College’s Theater Department. While she is well versed in many aspects of technical theaters, she has a particular passion for Props (as can be seen on her website). Bianca and Dawn had the luck of becoming housemates through the Studio Theatre Apprenticeship program, where Bianca was a carpentry apprentice. Upon learning about her passion for props, Dawn inquired into her interest in building some of the special items for Fairy Dust. Luckily for Dawn, she was interested in taking on a side project.

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