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What is Fairy Dust….

Fairy Dust: Tale of a Dystopia is a web series who’s pilot is currently in Post-Production. It was filmed in Baltimore, MD and DC.


The Story is about two girls Ally (Ren Marie) and Franchesca (Casey Beghtol) who end up in an alternate reality where the nature spirit has gone corrupt and driven the world into decay in her furry.

Yes, there’s a walking, talking (decaying), force of nature in this world.

Years before their arrival, a Fairy named Galen fell in love with a human princess named Hilda. Despite it being forbidden, he pursued this love….much to the fury of his Queen. The Queen took this out on the whole royal family, destroying them all. As a creature of life, she would have been unable to do this without the help of the death scythe. To gain this power of destruction, she convinced a member of the order of the Hoods to give her the power of his weapon. However, a single woman wasn’t enough for her. She wanted the family killed never to exist again. In this act of mass death, she began to be corrupted on the inside and so too did nature itself.

Princess Hilda, however, was saved, it seems, by her own unborn half fairy child. A child she didn’t even realize she was carrying until she alone survived the destruction of her home world.

Accompanied by her loyal servant (and secret bodyguard), Princess Hilda escapes her kingdom dresses as a commoner and eventually washes upon the shores of the land of Queen Marisol. The Queen quickly figures out Hilda is a princess and falls in love with her almost immediately. She takes the princess and her servant into her care and attempts to change the princess’ heart. But as the child grows, so too grows her love for Galen.

Galen himself was trapped in the deepest darkest dungeon the Fae Queen could create, but the guilty hood that had given her the power of death freed him from his prison and vowed to reunite the family. Something Queen Marisol did not want to see happen under any circumstances…..

All these events eventually lead to the Pilot Episode where we see the already born Freya attacked by a mask warrior and removed from her world by a loyal hood. Eighteen years later, the Hood takes on the duty of bringing her back into the world in which she came….

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