Thank You Online Tutorials

The Warrior - [Click to see larger image]
[Click to see larger image]
So today was suppose to be the release date. Obviously, it didn’t happen. But not for lack of work. I am working on final tweaks to the look of the magical world. Mostly adding this Sin City-ish color isolation effect that I’m really happy with.

At this stage, I am a one man team swimming the ocean to the finish line, but I refuse to drown. However, as much as this has slowed down a project I hoped would be well in advance of the stage it’s in,  I’m ELATED and impressed with myself for the amount of training I had to give myself (via all you brilliant people out there doing online tutorials) to get this far.  There’s a lot of classes I wish I could go back and take at Towson and one of them is visual effects (the other one is Film Aesthetics).  Lacking that, I’m am so so grateful for all you film makers out there doing online tutorials. it gave me a chance to swim. You were the reason I was able to say “Well, I’ll just figure out how to do this”.


Freya's Mom, Hilda - [Click to see Larger Image]
[Click to see Larger Image]
In pre-Production and production we were the Hare. In Post-Production, I have (unfortunately) been the Tortoise, but in the end, remember, the Tortise won the race.

Getting a job/regular income also had to be prioritized over Fairy Dust. But know it was only a situation that desperate that threw a wrench into my timeline. Afterall, without a roof over my head and electricity. Fairy Dust will never exists, lol. I am a good weekend of free time away from a picture lock I’m happy with. But there’s still a good amount of audio work to do. I will keep you posted on progress.


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